State of Climate Action


The Climate Change Commission is taking progressive strides to manage the climate actions of the Philippines, especially the government’s, taking into account the prevailing trends and innovations in the climate change arena. This is also anchored on the Commissions mandate to monitor and evaluate climate actions including expenditures under Republic Act 9729 or Climate Act of 2009, as amended. Further, the Commission also leads in the monitoring and updating of both the National Framework Strategy on Climate Change (NFSCC) and the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) as operational strategy to propel the thrust of the Law.

As part of updating the NCCAP, indicative work streams have been identified to ensure that the synergies between adaptation and mitigation are captured in the updating of the NCCAP. The NCCAP serve as basis of the different climate reports that the Philippines will communicate to the UNFCCC such as the National Communication, Biennial Update Report, the Nationally Determined Contributions and the National Adaptation Plan. This will ensure that climate reports to be communicated as part of our international commitments are aligned with the country’s priorities and reflect national circumstances.

Within this context, the Commission aims to provide a regular annual reporting on the state of climate actions in the Philippines which will document the country’s progress in terms of anticipatory climate change adaptation and greenhouse gas mitigation. historical chain of how each government agencies address climate change impacts since 2012, the climate change mainstreaming trend, and implementation status (i.e budget tagging). This will also highlight the reflected plans and programs of national government agencies tagged as climate actions. The report will also assess the state of climate change mainstreaming to the vulnerable sectors of the country.


In general, the climate report will provide a periodic stocktake report of the Commission on the status of the country’s response actions in terms of the cause and effects of climate change.

Nature and Content of the Report

The “Report” can actually be a “report series” which is the Commission’s own and independent assessment(s) of the general state of climate change action by the Philippines. The report shall include at a minimum, the state of the science and response actions of the duty bearers at national and local levels.

For preliminaries, a Special Report in time for the President’s 2018 SONA will be drawn up, rapidly identifying the state of adaptation & mitigation actions by the Government and a summary of the collective actions considered urgent by the Commission. The First Regular Annual report will be structured as a baseline report, setting the stage for what will be reported on in subsequent reporting periods. This shall set the tone for the issues considered critical by the Commission: e.g. GHG mitigation; state anticipatory adaptation actions (national, local) and recommendations for addressing the gaps.

The Report(s) will be based on, among others:

  1. national instruments e.g. the PDP, NCCAP, NDC, and their respective relevant implementation updates from the agencies; 
  2. third party verification reports commissioned by the CCC; and 
  3. Other vetted relevant secondary sources of information on the country’s
    climate response efforts from the other stakeholders (e.g. LGUs, CSOs, academe)